Maakt Stephen Merchant de carrière switch van comedian naar zout & pepermolen fotomodel?

Exclusief interview met comedian Stephen Merchant

woensdag, 22. oktober 2014

De comedian Stephen Merchant, bekend van The Office en zijn show Hello Ladies is in Nederland. De Engelsman staat vanavond voor het eerst in een Nederlands theater met zijn stand-up comedy show Stephen Merchant Live in de TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. Wij kregen de exclusieve kans om hem een paar vragen te stellen:

How do you like the Netherlands so far? Did you experience any culture shocks?
Culture shock? Yes. In Amsterdam I passed a shop selling salt and pepper shakers shaped like penises with windmills painted on the side. Is this a traditional item on Dutch dining tables? I bought a pair just in case.

You had great success working on The Office both in the UK and the US. What do you think was key for the success of The Office?
It's a very relatable subject. It wasn't about crazy plots, it was about the day to day experiences of office life - the petty squabbles between people we've all met. Audiences love comedy that reflects the way they live and I hope we did that

You are a big name in comedy yourself, but which comedian do you look up to?
I'm a big fan of Louis CK because he's so honest and personal. I admire any comedian that has a very distinct view of the world and Louis is like some kind of street philosopher.

You ever used the 'pick-up line' "Hello ladies" in real life? And how far did it get you with women, got lucky?
No. My pick up line is "Would you like to meet Ricky Gervais?" And that's never worked.

What can we expect from you in the future? Anything big coming up?
Aside from this current European stand up tour, I have finished Hello Ladies : The Movie, which airs in the USA in November. And I'm working on another film script at the moment. And I'm thinking of posing for a new line of salt and pepper shakers.

Stephen Merchant is vooral bekend van The Office waarvoor hij co-schrijver en -regisseur was naast Ricky Servais. Behalve in schrijven en regisseren, blinkt Merchant ook uit in stand-up comedy, wat hij vorig jaar bewees met de show Hello Ladies. Deze performance mondde uit in een door HBO gehoste sitcom die één seizoen mee ging. Vanavond is Merchant opnieuw te zien als stand-up comedian in zijn tweede theater show ‘Stephen Merchant Live’. Het thema van de show blijft vooralsnog een raadsel en dus lijkt het ons verstandig gewoon te gaan kijken!